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April 2016 Archives

Fundraiser for prominent politician facing drug charges

Criminal charges have the potential to seriously damage a person's reputation. From the moment a person is charged with a drug crime, the wheels of the justice system begin turning and often not in the defendant's favor. When facing drug charges, it can be very constructive to obtain professional help from a Spokane drug crimes attorney.

Confronting federal allegations with the full story

Those who are accused of certain crimes may assume they have little in the way of effective defenses against a conviction. After all, computers contain tons of data and law enforcement often has multiple agents working on gathering data and prosecuting offenders. Many computer crimes involve the pressing of federal charges. When this happens, a defendant may want to seek professional advice immediately.

After hearing gunshots, Spokane police file assault charges

Many Spokane residents have probably driven past local police conducting traffic stops by the side of the road. Most of the time the officer's attention is on the person he or she has pulled over; however, officers are also generally trained to be alert to potential crimes at all times, even while dealing with other matters. Recently in the local area, an officer in the midst of a traffic stop received word of shots fired, and a Spokane woman was charged with assault as a result.

Spokane County woman arrested after daughter's overdose

When a drug overdose occurs, the results can either be extremely damaging or downright tragic. An overdose can cause serious injury or even death. In addition to these more obvious tragedies associated with a drug overdose, sometimes people can be charged with a drug crime.