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After hearing gunshots, Spokane police file assault charges

Many Spokane residents have probably driven past local police conducting traffic stops by the side of the road. Most of the time the officer's attention is on the person he or she has pulled over; however, officers are also generally trained to be alert to potential crimes at all times, even while dealing with other matters. Recently in the local area, an officer in the midst of a traffic stop received word of shots fired, and a Spokane woman was charged with assault as a result.

The incident happened on a Monday night earlier this month when an officer was conducting a stop near Sanson and Nevada in the early hours of the morning. After officers reportedly heard gunshots, a man came running up to the Spokane police and claimed a woman had shot at him with a firearm. The man was uninjured and officers proceeded to surround the home of the 35-year-old woman. She later emerged from the residence and officers took her into custody. Local authorities have charged her with First Degree Assault with a Firearm.

Some might not realize it, but criminal charges of assault encompass more than just a fistfight between two individuals. While this type of incident can indeed result in assault charges, weapons crimes can also lead to charges of assault, as can other types of altercations between two - or more - individuals. What all of these have in common is that they can bring about long-term consequences for the person charged with assault of any sort. A criminal conviction can lead to a damaging and disruptive criminal record, as well as harsh penalties like jail or prison time, expensive fines and myriad probation requirements.

A Spokane criminal defense attorney can give potentially life-changing advice to someone facing assault or related charges such as unlawful weapons discharge or weapons possession. From understanding the charges themselves to learning about the role a solid defense can play in a favorable outcome, it can be encouraging to know all that can be gleaned from a professional.

Source: KREM, "Spokane woman faces assault charges after shooting," Tony Black, April 8, 2016

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