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June 2016 Archives

Who is prohibited from owning a gun in Washington?

Owning a firearm is a serious responsibility, and gun rights have featured prominently in the news lately due to high-profile shooting tragedies. Here in Washington, there are many different restrictions on gun ownership, as well as safeguards regarding the right to own or possess a weapon. These laws may be difficult to understand in general, but especially if someone has been accused of a weapon-related crime.

Accusations of witness tampering for Idaho defendant

When a person is accused of a crime in Washington or Idaho, it can be a confusing and increasingly complicated ordeal. Sometimes a person is charged with a crime and then later additional charges are added or dropped. At times the defendant's relationship with witnesses can also complicate criminal charges and highlight the need for a skilled and thorough criminal defense.

What can be seized with a warrant in Washington?

Having a warrant out for one's arrest can be an exceptionally stressful situation. Sometimes people charged with a crime don't understand the judicial system, don't have the financial resources to pay fines and fees related to their case, and many others may fear having their rights infringed upon or otherwise being taken advantage of by a system they don't understand. A Spokane criminal defense attorney can assist a person who currently has a warrant out for his or her arrest or who has been recently charged with a drug crime.

Washington man faces charges of domestic violence murder

Domestic violence is undoubtedly a serious problem in Spokane and throughout Washington State. When family conflict gets out of hand, many different people can be affected, particularly the youngest members of a family. Whether domestic violence accusations involve romantic partners or children, there are likely to be serious consequences for a person who ends up with a domestic violence conviction. These can involve time behind bars, court-ordered counseling and a criminal record that impedes a person's ability to move forward in life.

A solid defense against the most serious of felony charges

When a person has been charged with taking the life of another, that person often assumes the worst. This assumption is understandable, as prosecutors in Washington State and Idaho tend to be extremely aggressive in pursuing homicide convictions. However, there are important legal strategies, options and approaches that can turn the tide for a defendant. An individual faced with this most serious charge can avail themselves of the help of a highly-experienced criminal defense attorney.