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A solid defense against the most serious of felony charges

When a person has been charged with taking the life of another, that person often assumes the worst. This assumption is understandable, as prosecutors in Washington State and Idaho tend to be extremely aggressive in pursuing homicide convictions. However, there are important legal strategies, options and approaches that can turn the tide for a defendant. An individual faced with this most serious charge can avail themselves of the help of a highly-experienced criminal defense attorney.

When people think of the word "homicide," they often equate it with murder - sometimes even linking it automatically to first-degree murder. However, homicide is not synonymous with murder; for example, fatally wounding someone in an act of self-defense is generally not considered murder under the law, nor is accidentally striking someone with a car or other accidental yet fatal actions. An experienced defense attorney can explain how the state defines various charges and what the implications are for a defendant, as well as for the prosecution.

In serious felony cases, the prosecution's side of the story is not always as solid as it may appear to be at first glance. In any case there may an extensive number of holes in the story the prosecution is providing, from the methods used by police and investigators to the veracity of witness accounts to the manner in which jurors have been selected. A skilled and assertive Spokane defense attorney can thoroughly scrutinize every aspect of the prosecutors' case and form an effective defense focused on revealing the entire set of circumstances.

Spokane homicide attorney David R. Partovi is committed to protecting and asserting his clients' rights, no matter the type of crime they have been charged with. Having handled a wide variety of cases, from first degree murder to vehicular homicide to second degree manslaughter, Partovi knows both the critical details and the bigger picture related to defending against serious felony-level charges. He is prepared to defend his clients at every step of a criminal trial or negotiate on clients' behalf if the situation is in his clients' best interests.

Partovi Law P.S. is a practice dedicated exclusively to litigation. The qualified defense attorney offers free consultations and personalized legal advice when a criminal conviction appears looming. A defendant who wants to get their defense formed as quickly as possible can benefit from making contact with an attorney as soon as possible.

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