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Washington man faces charges of domestic violence murder

Domestic violence is undoubtedly a serious problem in Spokane and throughout Washington State. When family conflict gets out of hand, many different people can be affected, particularly the youngest members of a family. Whether domestic violence accusations involve romantic partners or children, there are likely to be serious consequences for a person who ends up with a domestic violence conviction. These can involve time behind bars, court-ordered counseling and a criminal record that impedes a person's ability to move forward in life.

Consequently, avoiding a criminal conviction on domestic violence charges is key to re-orienting one's life after a disruptive episode or bad decision. Part of avoiding a conviction is educating oneself regarding one's legal options and opportunities; speaking with a Spokane criminal defense attorney can be an enlightening experience for someone thrust into a very tumultuous situation.

One misconception that people have about domestic violence is that this type of violence only involves romantic partners assaulting one another. In reality, the law also defines domestic violence as something that can occur between parents and children, or between an adult and the child of their romantic partner. A recent case out of Washington illustrates this: a man was recently charged with domestic violence murder after the death of his girlfriend's 3-year-old child in Battle Ground. In addition to the homicide-related charges, the man is also facing charges of second-degree domestic violence assault.

The incident allegedly happened after the child, described as autistic by family members, became upset and was crying. The boyfriend of the child's mother then purportedly assaulted the child; the man claims to have blacked out due to anger in the past and does not remember attacking the child. Now, the man is being held on a $1.5 million bail in the jail in Clark County.

The criminal charges related to domestic violence can be intimidating and confusing. The atmosphere of extreme family conflict can make matters even more difficult. A man or woman confronted with these types of allegations may want to align with an attorney right away.

Source: KHQ, "Man charged with murder in 3-year-old's death," May 31, 2016

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