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Drug charges: Don't let one misstep alter your life

Drug possession and possession of drug paraphernalia are extremely common charges in Washington and surrounding states. However, many people believe these offenses are not as harmful as other crimes such as theft or fraud. Nevertheless, even in Washington State, where recreational marijuana is legal under certain circumstances, being charged with a drug crime can involve severe consequences.

Those who are charged with drug crimes may see their legal situation spiral out of control. Simply using or possessing a controlled substance can lead to a jail sentence, expensive fines and a criminal record. Searching for employment and housing with a drug conviction on one's record can be extremely challenging.

How can defendants avoid these severe consequences? Enlisting an experienced drug charges attorney can alter a defendant's course from the moment he or she is charged with a drug crime. An attorney who has handled a variety of drug offenses cases in the past can protect a defendant's rights against overzealous police or prosecutors and prepare a strategy based on the specific fact situation.

Experienced criminal defense attorney David Partovi will make sure his client has a chance to tell his or her side of the story. Mr. Partovi has handled a wide variety of cases in his years defending the accused in Washington and Idaho - consequently he is able to confidently assert his clients' rights in the face of potentially harsh consequences. For potential clients accused of drug crimes, a consultation is available at no cost. Moving forward without sound legal advice could prove incredibly costly in both the short-term and the long run.

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