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Defending DUI charges with all of our might

Being accused of any crime is a monumental moment in any person's life, and not in a good way. Criminal charges can change your life and make it very difficult to ever lead the life that you wanted before the charges came down. Depending on the charge, the penalties and indirect consequences of the crime will vary. With drunk driving or drugged driving charges, the consequences can be severe.

People who are convicted of a drunk driving charge can face long spells behind bars. They can deal with immense financial penalties, such as increased insurance payments, costs for alternate forms of transportation, and paying for the many different legal processes they will be going through. The list is long, and the punishment is very real.

Given all of this, and given the preconception that those accused of driving under the influence deserve their punishment (as if they are guilty until proven innocent, unlike the other way around), it can often feel like the whole system is against you. Is it even possible to successfully defend DUI charges?

The answer is "yes," and at Partovi Law, we have worked tirelessly over the years to hone our craft in the field of DUI defense law. We will fully investigate your case and review every details. Did the officer have probable cause to pull you over? Was the breath or blood test proper or improper? Were the devices calibrated properly and accurate? We can fight for your rights and advocate on your behalf.

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