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Two Spokane men face allegations related to drugs, weapons

Law enforcement in Spokane is always trying to interrupt or put an outright stop to alleged criminal activity. When they conduct their investigations, it might have a focus on one type of criminal charge, but when they begin to dissect the case, there are multiple crimes people will be charged with. An example might be a person who is alleged to have been selling drugs and carries an illegal weapon. For those who are caught up in the allegations and investigations, the charges can range from a misdemeanor to a felony with the accompanying punishments. Having legal assistance with an all-encompassing criminal defense is vital.

Two men are facing multiple drug and weapons charges after a law enforcement raid of a hotel room. The men, 28 and 23, were found with numerous weapons including handguns and brass knuckles. They also had drugs, cellular phones, and keys that had been shaved to make it easier to steal them. One of the men was said to have admitted to law enforcement that he began selling methamphetamine and heroin because he could not get a regular job. He apparently stated that he made up to $60,000 in the past year through this criminal enterprise.

Criminal charges can result in extended consequences personally, professionally and financially. There can be a long jail sentence, major fines and the stigma of an arrest on one's record preventing the ability to move on after any sentence has been served. While people who are arrested on drugs and weapons charges are accused of legal violations, the law enforcement officers and prosecutors who are investigating and trying to secure a conviction are also required to follow certain protocol during their investigation. It is possible that there were violations in the way the arrest was made or the charges are not valid to begin with. This can all be part of a defense.

In this case, one of the men is said to have made certain admissions to law enforcement. Although this was a mistake, he can still lodge a defense. Whether it is trying to get an acquittal or considering pursuing a plea bargain, those who have been arrested must make certain that they put the pieces in place for a strong defense. Before saying or doing anything that can make matters worse, the first call they should make is to an experienced attorney.

Source:, "Spokane Valley detectives arrest 2 men accused of drugs, weapons violations," Jonathan Glover, May 24, 2017

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