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Charges dropped against officer accused of domestic violence

Not everyone gets along all the time, and there will be times when spouses or other family members who reside together have arguments. If these arguments get heated enough, one party may call the police, alleging that a physical altercation has occurred. However, a person should not be convicted on domestic violence charges unless there is sufficient evidence to do so.

A Spokane Police officer who was facing a domestic violence charge has had this charge dismissed. The judge's decision was due to the fact that there was not enough evidence against the officer. The prosecution stated that it is not uncommon for cases such as this one to be dismissed.

The officer had been charged after police were called to his house to investigate a possible act of domestic violence. Reportedly, the officer was fighting over a cell phone and shoved the other person involved in the situation. The officer was arrested and charged with fourth degree assault domestic violence.

After his arrest, the officer was put on administrative leave, and the situation will be investigated internally after the criminal investigation has been completed. The Spokane Police Department stated that this is a standard procedure.

While it is fortunate that the charges against this officer were dismissed, simply being charged with domestic violence has affected his professional career. Being placed on administrative leave can damage one's reputation in the workplace, even if a person's case is ultimately dropped. Ultimately, those facing domestic violence charges may want to make sure they put forth the strongest case possible to protect their reputations and their futures.

Source: KREM2, "Domestic violence charges against Spokane Police officer dismissed," July 11, 2017

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