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College football player accused of domestic violence

Even though it is only summer, college football fans in Washington are eagerly awaiting the start of the football season. However, one football player from Eastern Washington University has lost his spot on the team due to being charged with domestic violence. According to the head coach for the university's football team, it was deemed that the football player should "part ways" with the team because of his arrest.

The football player reportedly went to his estranged girlfriend's home. According to the girlfriend, when she opened the door, the football player forced his way into the apartment, brandishing a steak knife. Other witnesses reported that they thought the football player was behaving aggressively, yelling and cursing. According to the girlfriend, the football player threw the knife onto the ground and then went away when she told him she phoned the police.

The football player has stated that he shouted at his estranged girlfriend after she had a conversation with another man, but he eventually threw the knife to the ground so that he wouldn't do anything "stupid" with it. Nevertheless, he was apprehended by police. Now, he is facing one charge of domestic violence harassment-threats to kill, which is a felony crime.

The situation this man is now in is undoubtedly serious. Not only is he facing the possibility of being convicted, but these charges have already affected his personal and professional life and may continue to do so even if he is not convicted. Young adults facing criminal charges do not deserve to have their reputations tarnished when they have their whole futures in front of them. Therefore, they may want to seek legal help, rather than trying to handle the case on their own, so that a fair and appropriate result can be reached.

Source: The Spokesman-Review, "EWU football player arrested on domestic violence charge has been removed from the team," Nina Culver, June 30, 2017

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