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Man faces felony gun charges after arrest in Spokane

In Spokane and across the country, today's landscape is rife with danger. Any criminal act is liable to be viewed and treated as if it is something more than just the act itself. This can lead to numerous charges for which significant penalties can be assessed after a conviction. Those who are accused of committing a crime, particularly with weapons, should be aware of the multiple charges they can face after they have been arrested. No matter what the allegations are, a person arrested on weapons charges must lodge a strong defense from the time of the arrest onward.

A man was arrested after he was accused of firing a weapon at moving vehicles at approximately 1 p.m. Law enforcement received numerous calls saying that a man with a gun was shooting at a car. Police converged on the scene and found a 21-year-old man. He was placed under arrest. They then sent police dogs to search the area to find the gun. A gun was found not far from where the arrest was made. They checked the area to see if anyone had been hit by a bullet. No one was. Police do not believe that the shooting was random. The gun had been reported stolen four years ago. The man has been charged with being in possession of a stolen firearm and for being a felon possessing a firearm.

A charge of weapons possession can be very serious. When it is compounded by having used that weapon, the situation can be much worse. A person who is accused of committing a crime with a weapon can face jail time, fines and more. It is not just the penalties that are the problem, but the long-term issues that can result from a felony conviction. This will need to be reported when applying for a job, trying to get into a school and in many different circumstances. Having legal assistance is essential to defending the case. It might be possible to have the charges reduced or to gain an outright acquittal.

In this case, a convicted felon was arrested on weapons charges and now faces a litany of other charges linked to firing a gun and possessing a stolen gun. Because the charges are so significant, he must make certain not to make the situation worse by failing to have legal assistance. Calling an attorney is the first thing he should do to lay the foundation for a defense.

Source:, "Spokane police arrest man for shooting at moving car near Nevada and Empire," June 26, 2017

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