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Spokane police officer facing criminal charges

Spokane police officers are valuable members of our society. They protect our city and help our citizens. But, when a police officer finds himself on the other side of the law, it can be detrimental to his reputation.

A Spokane police officer is facing numerous charges after his daughter pleaded guilty to kidnapping. The kidnapping victim states she was forced out of her home and taken to an apartment where she was hit by a frying pan by one man and stabbed by the police officer's daughter. The victim was then allegedly put back in the car and driven around. The police officer's daughter then picked up her sister. At this time, the police officer reportedly texted his daughter asking if she was OK. He then called both of them and told his daughter to drive to his house.

The officer was on duty at the time and saw the victim of the kidnapping in his daughter's back seat. He allegedly helped her inside to use the bathroom and have some water then drove her to the hospital so she could get medical attention. He is facing charges for rendering criminal assistance, false swearing and tampering with physical evidence. The police officer has been an officer for 18 years and has never been placed on leave before.

A police officer has one of the hardest jobs in the state. They are constantly under scrutiny for the work that they do. If police officers have found themselves in a situation where they are facing criminal charges, it is important to craft a strong defense strategy. This may include negotiating with the prosecution to reduce or even eliminate charges

Source:, "SPD officer facing charges after daughter pleads guilty to kidnapping", Aug. 8, 2017

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