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Seattle mayor resigns amid sex abuse scandal

Washington residents have little patience for elected officials who don't follow the law. Fortunately, most elected officials are of stellar moral aptitude. But when these elected officials are not following the law, they may find themselves facing serious charges. In these situations, a criminal defense attorney may become necessary.

Seattle has been rocked with the news that their mayor is resigning following a sex abuse allegation. This news occurred when a man alleging to be the mayor's cousin said that he was sexually abused by the mayor when he was a boy in the 1970s. Five different men have come forward since April claiming that they were sexually abused by the mayor in the 1970s and 1980s. The mayor has denied the allegations and claims they are false.

Those who are accused of serious crimes, such as sex crimes, can feel like the entire world is against them. When a person is a respected public servant, their every move is covered in the media. Before they are even charged with a crime, the court of public opinion can declare them guilty. In these situations, it is important for a defendant to have a strong criminal defense attorney on their side. An attorney understands the extreme emotional stress their client is undergoing and the scrutiny they are facing from the public and law enforcement. They understand how grave these charges are and what is at stake for their client.

A defendant who is facing sex crimes charges should understand the serious nature of these charges. They could be facing a long prison sentence, along with fines and a ruined personal and professional reputation. These charges should not be taken lightly and a defendant should make sure their side of the story is being heard.

Source:, "Seattle mayor Ed Murray resigns following new sex abuse allegation", Travis Pittman, Sept. 12, 2017

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