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Criminal Defense Archives

Man arrested on drug and domestic assault charges

For many people who are charged with criminal allegations in Spokane, it is not necessarily one individual crime that has resulted in the arrest and charges, but several stacked up. Individually, criminal charges can cause a litany of problems. In combination, it can be substantially worse. If, for example, a person is arrested on drug charges and this occurred simultaneous to an assault and weapons investigation, he or she will need to make certain they have a lawyer who can provide a comprehensive defense for all they are facing.

Don't navigate criminal charges alone

Being accused of a crime is a very serious situation. The experience can be wrought with uncertainty and fear, but there is no reason that anyone needs to navigate the process alone. Having a criminal defense ally who will fight for your rights is crucial given how much is at stake, because being charged with a crime can severely damage your reputation, relationships, employment prospects and more.

In criminal defense, what is an 'affirmative' defense?

Facing criminal charges is a very serious situation and one that can quickly snowball out of control. A resident of Spokane could suddenly find himself or herself in dire need of a criminal defense. After speaking with a qualified criminal defense attorney, the defendant is likely to feel more at ease and begin understanding the processes of the criminal justice system.

Woman faces vehicular homicide charge after Spokane crash

In Washington State, winters can range from relatively mild to extremely harsh. Most of the time, though, this time of year drivers are not accustomed to numerous bicyclists sharing the roads. Spokane's climate means cyclists tend to stay off the roads during the winter months. Still, both drivers and cyclists must follow the rules of the road or else face serious consequences.

Anticipatory offense charges could be part of a plea negotiation

When a person has been charged with a crime, his or her defense attorney may explain the possibility of entering into a plea negotiation instead of a criminal trial. During a plea negotiation, one potential outcome is that the defendant will plead guilty, but to a lesser charge with less-severe penalties than the initial charge. At times this lesser charge will involve the following terms: attempt, solicitation and conspiracy. What do these terms mean in the Washington State criminal justice system?