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Domestic Violence Archives

If a domestic violence victim recants, does that close the case?

Many domestic violence charges boil down to one person's word against another's. Unfortunately, in these cases, police usually do not find clear evidence that a suspect violently touched a victim. As such, they have to rely on the testimony of the victim.

How do courts decide a no-contact order should be modified?

Decision-making is not always a swift and easy process. However, many times important decisions need to be made on the spur of the moment. Sometimes, these decisions may later be reviewed and changed. When it comes to interpersonal relationships, this can be especially true. When family or intimate relationships in Spokane become exceptionally strained they may reaching a breaking point and charges of spousal abuse can result. The decisions made during this time can have very serious repercussions for all parties involved.

Bond set at $1 million for Spokane Valley defendant

Last week, this blog discussed the topic of false allegations of domestic violence. At times, serious allegations may arise over incidents occurring between spouses or romantic partners. These accusations may be false or the defendant may need to share his or her side of the story regarding the incident.

Confronting false allegations of domestic violence

You've just been accused of a violent crime that you did not commit. Even worse, the accusation comes from a loved one. What can a person do in this situation? These types of extreme family or relationship disputes are not easy to resolve. However, there are legal solutions available to those who have been falsely accused of domestic violence in Washington or Idaho.

A defendant's background affects domestic violence sentencing

From the beginning of one's experience with the criminal justice process, it can be difficult to fully comprehend all that's going on. Especially if one is dealing with charges of domestic violence, the combination of confusion and frustration can be completely overwhelming. It can be helpful to talk with one's criminal defense attorney about each step of the process before going to trial or considering plea negotiations.

Notification of prosecuting decisions in domestic violence cases

Walking into a courtroom is often an intimidating experience, especially for those facing criminal charges for the first time. In the Spokane area, a person charged with a crime related to domestic violence is unlikely to know what to expect as they go to court. Taking a case to a criminal defender experienced with charges of spousal abuse, domestic assault charges and related offenses can be a very helpful decision.

What is domestic violence?

If you have been accused of domestic violence, it is important to know what domestic violence is. Families impacted by domestic violence may wonder what is considered domestic violence under the law. Domestic violence can have a significant impact on communities such as Spokane, as well as others in the Inland Empire. For individuals accused of domestic violence, it is important to understand what it is and the potential consequences of domestic violence charges.