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Drug Charges Archives

Helping you assert a defense against drug charges

When it comes to drug crimes, the state and federal government do not often go lightly on those convicted on a drug charge. This is especially true if the accused committed a serious drug crime or has a criminal history. Therefore, residents in Washington facing allegations of drug crimes should be aware of the severe penalties they could face. Even more so, defendants should take the time to understand what criminal defense options are available.

Understanding the basic classifications of drug charges

Washington State has a reputation across the country for being relatively soft on drug crimes. In reality, a relatively liberal stance on marijuana does not translate into lesser penalties for other types of drug offenses. In Washington as well as in neighboring Idaho, a resident can be charged with a wide variety of drug-related charges, both related to marijuana as well as to other substances including prescription drugs.

Drug distribution to people under 18 in Washington

In Washington State, many different substances fall under the category of "controlled substances" per state law. It may be illegal to produce, sell, buy, manufacture or ingest these controlled substances. If a resident does any of the above, they may be looking at drug charges, time behind bars, stiff fines and other various penalties.

How an attorney can help after an arrest on drug offenses

In today's job market, it often seems stable employment is tough to find. Many fields have been hit hard by the economy and fewer open positions are available. For job-seekers in Spokane, it's more important than ever to ensure one has the right background for the job.

Pair of Spokane women charged with serious drug felonies

During the recent election, the legalization of marijuana was a hot topic in many states. Here in Washington, certain types of recreational and medicinal uses of marijuana have already been legalized, though other substances are still highly illegal to use or sell. In any event, much attention has been paid to the severe penalties associated with drug crimes throughout the United States. Even here in Washington, there are still extremely serious consequences if charged with a drug crime and convicted.

Alleged sale of methamphetamine leads to drug charges

Although the debate over the legality of certain drugs is an ongoing issue in Washington and across the country, there are other drugs that are taken very seriously when people are found to be taking part in their sale and use. Drugs like heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine are three that immediately come to mind. Those who are accused of selling or possessing these substances need to be aware that they can face serious consequences if they are placed under arrest on drug charges. After an arrest on drug offenses, it is imperative to have a strong legal defense planned.

Understanding the benefits of a drug diversion program

There are few absolutes in in life, but most people can agree that everyone makes mistakes. Some mistakes are minor and have little to no effect on one's life, but some are very serious and can change a person's life forever. In the state of Washington, getting charged with a drug crime can be a very serious situation that can involve one small misstep growing larger.