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Weapons Crimes Archives

Be careful packing your bags at the airport

Like other states, Washington has a "concealed carry" law that allows Spokane residents and others to conceal a firearm, like a pistol either on their person or in a bag. They are then, generally speaking, allowed to go about their business with a gun, provided of course, they have a permit and are not otherwise prohibited to do so.

Man faces felony gun charges after arrest in Spokane

In Spokane and across the country, today's landscape is rife with danger. Any criminal act is liable to be viewed and treated as if it is something more than just the act itself. This can lead to numerous charges for which significant penalties can be assessed after a conviction. Those who are accused of committing a crime, particularly with weapons, should be aware of the multiple charges they can face after they have been arrested. No matter what the allegations are, a person arrested on weapons charges must lodge a strong defense from the time of the arrest onward.

Washington's requirements to carry a concealed weapon

In today's dangerous world, many of Washington's residents find the need to carry a gun to protect themselves. Although weapons can legally be used in certain circumstances for self-defense, there are strict laws in place with regard to gun ownership and how those guns can be possessed. Those who are accused of running astray of these laws can find themselves facing the potential for serious penalties.

Restoring Washington residents' gun rights after weapons charges

Being convicted of a crime is a difficult experience for anyone in Washington or Idaho. Moving forward with one's life can be even more difficult, as a criminal record can prohibit a person from obtaining certain types of employment and even living in certain areas. For people who have been convicted of a felony, all of the above can be extremely challenging as one tries to move on in a positive manner. A Spokane criminal defense attorney experienced in weapons charges can be of assistance.

Planning a criminal defense strategy against weapons charges

Being convicted of a crime that involves the use of a firearm is a serious offense. However, it is not unthinkable that a law enforcement officer would mistakenly believe a weapon was used in a crime when it wasn't. If this type of situation happens, a defendant who is convicted could face far more severe penalties that they would if they had faced a simple assault charge.

Taking the life of another during a felony in Washington

When many people think of the word "murder," they may instinctively think of a premeditated, calculated act that is carefully planned-out beforehand. However, in Washington State there are different degrees of murder depending on the circumstances of an offense and the degree of intent involved. Washington State also has what is known as a "felony murder rule" that, in essence, can bring extremely serious charges against someone who takes the life of another while committing certain other felonies.

Suspected weapons crimes and drug offenses often tie together

Most residents of eastern Washington and Idaho probably couldn't name all of the items in their house. If police were to suddenly enter the home of a local living in Spokane, for instance, there's no telling what might be found that could inadvertently implicate someone in some sort of offense. Possession of a weapon, for instance, when one has previously been convicted of a felony crime can mean serious trouble for the person who owns the gun.

Who is prohibited from owning a gun in Washington?

Owning a firearm is a serious responsibility, and gun rights have featured prominently in the news lately due to high-profile shooting tragedies. Here in Washington, there are many different restrictions on gun ownership, as well as safeguards regarding the right to own or possess a weapon. These laws may be difficult to understand in general, but especially if someone has been accused of a weapon-related crime.

After hearing gunshots, Spokane police file assault charges

Many Spokane residents have probably driven past local police conducting traffic stops by the side of the road. Most of the time the officer's attention is on the person he or she has pulled over; however, officers are also generally trained to be alert to potential crimes at all times, even while dealing with other matters. Recently in the local area, an officer in the midst of a traffic stop received word of shots fired, and a Spokane woman was charged with assault as a result.