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Reporting domestic violence: Interference is a crime

Most Spokane residents probably have a vague understanding of domestic violence as a crime. Most men and women already know that physically assaulting or abusing their partner is a crime, but there is much more to domestic violence than illegal physical contact. Interfering with the reporting of domestic violence is also considered a crime in the state of Washington.

Spokane police charge local man with domestic violence assault

When a person in Spokane goes missing, there are usually a host of legal questions that arise. Sometimes there is suspicion of illegal activity surrounding a person's disappearance; the longer a person goes missing, the more likely those suspicions may involve the possibility of foul play. Fortunately, many missing individuals are located, but this does not always clear up the legal issues surrounding their disappearance.

How federal laws affect domestic violence charges and convictions

Many cases of domestic violence in Washington erupt out of spousal abuse or other conflict between family members. Because domestic abuse can threaten the safety of spouses and children, the federal government has considered acts of violence arising from domestic conflict as crimes. Any person who perpetrates such abuse is likely to face criminal charges.

What are the basics of domestic violence charges?

Domestic violence is a family law issue that sometimes results in criminal charges. In Washington, such violence is defined as a criminal act committed by one member of a household against another, usually by one family member against another. Domestic violence is a distinct category of crime in most states.

Former Huskies' football coach arrested for domestic violence

Spokane criminal charges for anyone are serious, but when they involve well-known individuals, they can damage a person's reputation beyond repair. Of particular concern are accusations of domestic violence, which includes various forms of emotional and physical abuse of spouses or other family members.

NBA player arrested in Washington state for domestic violence

On Sunday, May 19, 2013, NBA veteran Terrance Williams was taken into custody by police. He faces charges of domestic violence that included alleged threats with a firearm. Multiple reports indicate that the arrest followed a dispute that took place when Williams arrived at the accuser's house for a scheduled visit involving the exchange of their 10-year-old son. The woman claimed that Williams brandished a firearm in anger during the dispute.

Man allegedly shoots, kills car thief in Washington

A 25-year-old thought to be a car thief was allegedly shot and killed by the vehicle's 56-year-old owner. A search warrant identified the SUV owner on March 25. However, he has not been taken into custody. Spokane detectives seized the SUV's headrest after determining a bullet pierced it. Although they found a gun on the man, they did not specify if it was the gun that shot the alleged thief. The authorities are investigating criminal charges of second degree murder. The vehicle owner allegedly waited until the younger man drove off with his car before shooting. The authorities are speculating on a possible justification for the shooting.

Federal grand jury indicts man for alleged hijacker hoax

People in Spokane and others elsewhere can be punished for committing certain crimes such as murder, assault or theft. However, even people who falsely report crimes can face serious penalties.

Insanity defense pursued in Washington murder case

In order to successfully pursue an insanity defense, it must be proven that an individual did not know right from wrong at the time a crime was committed. Generally, a person who is found not guilty by reason of insanity is placed in a mental hospital for treatment.