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Severe penalties for heroin offenses in Washington

Thanks to changing laws on the subject, much attention has been paid to marijuana use in Washington recently. However, there are many other substances for which there is no acceptable legal use; one such substance is the opium derivative heroin. Some argue that there is actually a heroin epidemic sweeping the country, as the Centers for Disease Control have indicated heroin overdose fatalities have almost tripled since 2010.

Protecting the rights of those accused of drug crimes

Drug offenses range from simple possession of controlled substances to serious felony crimes involving drug manufacturing, distribution and the sale of controlled substances such as methamphetamines, cocaine and heroin. The potential consequences for these drug crimes in Washington are serious for those who are convicted. The penalties are typically severe, depending on the nature of the drug charge and the amount and value of the illegal drugs involved. No matter the seriousness of the charges, an alleged drug offender has the right to mount a criminal defense.

We can give you the strength to face drug charges and prevail

As is the case with any criminal charge, the consequences of a drug conviction can be serious and include time in jail or prison, as well as substantial fines. For Washington residents, substantial time behind bars following a drug arrest may seem like a foregone conclusion, but the criminal justice system requires the state to prove not only the commission of a crime, but also the participation of the person charged.

Law enforcement departments coordinate to bring drug charges

The Spokane Police Department is tasked with enforcing the laws of the state of Washington as well as regulations and ordinances specific to the community. When individuals in the city are suspected of violating federal laws, local authorities are known to work with other departments and agencies to coordinate their efforts for catching alleged criminals.