Spokane Domestic Violence Lawyer

Charges of domestic violence have a harsh negative impact on the people they are leveled against. You will be removed from your home. Your firearms will be taken. You will likely suffer the stigma of being an abuser in the eyes of your community. A good lawyer can start to put things right again.

Many domestic violence charges are the result of situations spinning out of control. Arguments get heated and boundaries get crossed. Well-meaning neighbors may call the police if they thought they saw or heard something that they didn't. If you find yourself in this situation anywhere in eastern Washington, consult an experienced spousal abuse defense attorney at Partovi Law.

Defend Yourself Against Domestic Violence Charges

What happened may have been a misunderstanding. The police may misunderstand. The prosecution may misunderstand. That does not mean that you can simply tell your side of the story and the charges will go away. A temporary no contact order (NCO) is likely going to keep you out of your home until after your trial. This is one of the points of leverage that the prosecution uses to get people to agree to plea deals that may not be a true fit for the circumstances of their case just so they can go home. Another tactic prosecutors employ is to overcharge a crime and then offer a plea that does not reflect an accurate picture of what happened.

You Need An Effective, Experienced And Compassionate Attorney

Restraining orders, the loss of your Second Amendment right to have a gun, not being able to return home, and social stigma are all good reasons to find a lawyer who is dedicated to uncovering your side of the story and making sure that it is heard.

At Partovi Law, P.S., our Spokane domestic violence lawyer David Partovi has a decade of criminal defense experience. We believe in dogged investigation and bringing each client's story to light in the court. We will work tirelessly to make sure that the court sees more than just your charges when they look at you.

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