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Man who faces arrest shoots himself

A 33-year-old man from Spokane, who took off in April after he was charged with child pornography, shot himself before he was arrested in Nevada on May 15. He faced federal charges for self-publishing books that involved descriptions of children committing sexual acts.

As sheriff's deputies approached his hotel, they observed him looking through the window. Within seconds, they heard a gun fire. The sheriff tended to his wounds, and he was then transported by air to a medical facility in Reno where he was listed in critical condition. Prior to his arrest, he was wanted by the FBI. After receiving information on his whereabouts, that agency notified local sheriff's officers of the fugitive's presence in the area. Officers found his car at a local auto repair facility. From there, they tracked him to the hotel and planned to take him into custody. However, the self-inflicted gunshot wound changed their plans.

The subject's whereabouts prior to 48 hours before his injuries remain unknown. An FBI official reported that he was scheduled to be sentenced on April 16 after he pleaded guilty in 2012 to the sex crimes. He had left two notes that said he did not want to be sentenced to serve time in custody. Pretrial release conditions ordered him to remain at his mother's home in the Spokane area, but he allegedly used her car to flee the state.

After the arrest of the accused man in Nevada, he could face additional charges for running from supervision while he was on pretrial release. A criminal defense attorney might be able to talk to him about the circumstances behind his actions and help him to receive a reduced sentence for the charges.

Source: Oregon Live, "Spokane man who fled child-porn sentencing found in Nevada", May 16, 2013

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