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Police say stolen items were found in WA storage unit

A 26-year-old Washington couple was taken into custody in August after police raided their storage unit and allegedly found items stolen in a string of recent burglaries. The man and woman both face a number of criminal charges. Police allege that the couple had committed over 80 robberies since June 2012. Charges against the man were still pending. The woman faces charges of burglary, theft and possession of stolen property.

Police claim the items include a Purple Heart, sports memorabilia, childhood mementos, passports and other personal documents. On Sept. 6, police held an event for people to claim items. Police said the accused man and woman had attempted to sell some of the items to local pawn shops.

While the police claim that the accused individuals in this case stole the items, it is important to remember that possession of potentially stolen item does not necessarily lead to an automatic conviction for theft. The accused couple will have an opportunity to present a defense to either avoid conviction or reduce the charges they face. If convicted of theft or burglary charges, they could be penalized with prison, probation, fines and restitution.

A criminal defense attorney with experience defending against theft and burglary charges could help individuals facing similar charges. The attorney could examine how police seized the items, how the accused came into possession of the items and the accused's past criminal record. The attorney could then prepare and present a defense in court on behalf of the accused. In some cases, the attorney may negotiate a plea for reduced charges and penalties.

Source: My Northwest, "Purple Heart among stolen items recovered by deputies in string of Washington burglaries", Josh Kerns, September 06, 2013

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