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Chipotle employee attacked for well wishes in Washington

A 25-year-old employee of Chipotle was sent to the hospital on Wednesday night, Oct. 16, after he wished a man who was leaving the restaurant a good evening. According to the Seattle Police Department, the 35-year-old man allegedly picked up a glass bottle of hot sauce and struck the employee in the face with it.

The employee's face was cut in numerous places. Seattle police officer flagged down the suspect in the 1500 block Second Avenue. When they found him, his hand was bleeding, and he was covered with hot sauce. The employee had to have stitches, and the suspect was booked into King County Jail pending criminal charges while police investigate the alleged assault.

If the man is charged with assault and convicted of it, he could have to serve a jail sentence as well as a probation sentence. The judge might order him to stay away from the alleged victim and that establishment where the alleged incident occurred. Additionally, he could be ordered to pay fines and fees in relation to the incident as well as to complete community service hours. The court could also require him to complete an anger management course and provide documentation that he did so to the court.

If the man already has an assault charge on his record, then his consequences could be more severe. Additionally, if he was already on probation or parole, then his new charge could result in a violation of his probation. A criminal defense attorney might be able to assist the man in contesting his charges. Even if an attorney can't get his charges dropped completely, he might be able to help the man secure a more lenient sentence by striking up a bargain with the state prosecution.

Source: KOMO, "Police: Chipotle employee injured in hot-sauce attack", Michael Harthorne, October 17, 2013

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