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Shooting in Spokane lead to assault charges

Reports say 29-year-old shotgun-wielding man allegedly fired four shots at two other men in Washington. The alleged shooting took place in back of the Red Lion Tavern located at 2 E. Main Avenue in Spokane sometime around 6 p.m. According to witnesses, two men fled in a car as the 29-year-old man fired at the vehicle. Police soon responded to the scene.

A white 2004 Jaguar that matched the description given by witnesses was pulled over later by police officers. The two male occupants, ages 30 and 24, were held for questioning, and, later, officers found traces of methamphetamine inside the car. The 30-year-old man reportedly told officers that the drugs were his and asserted that the shooting was not the result of a drug deal. Both men escaped injury when the shots were fired. They were taken into custody and are currently being held on drug charges in the Spokane County Jail.

The alleged shooter was tracked down with the assistance of Spokane Violent Crimes Gang Enforcement Team members. He was taken into custody and booked into Spokane County Jail as well. He was charged with first-degree assault.

In Washington, assault is a serious charge and is taken into consideration under the three strikes law. According to the policy, three felony convictions that involve violence could result in a life-term in prison. The severity of assault charges may vary depending on the degree of injury suffered by the other party or whether a weapon was used. In order to avoid excessive penalties, a criminal defense lawyer may be able to help those facing such charges build a case that offers evidence that might lead to reduced charges.

Source: The Spokesman Review, "Suspect arrested in alleged downtown shooting attempt", December 11, 2013

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