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Man faces charges of prohibited weapon possessor

A 34-year-old man faced charges of prohibited possessor of a firearm and went before a Spokane Court judge on Jan. 21. The weapons charge stems from his alleged involvement in a murder on Dec. 15 although he has not been charged in that case. Official paperwork in the case states that investigators believe that he hired another man to kill a former business acquaintance over debts of nearly $2 million dollars. The man was an investor in a company that the deceased man owned. He has disavowed any involvement in the man's death.

A federal public defender represented the man who was directed to submit financial paperwork declaring his eligibility for a court-appointed attorney. The attorney said he would contact the man's accountant to obtain the necessary information. An assistant U.S. attorney requested that the man remain in custody in the case. He added that the weapons offense was filed until authorities could put together enough information to charge him for the more serious crimes.

Another aspect to the charge involves the man's alleged possession of seven guns found during a search in a safe in his home. He was previously forbidden from owning weapons due to prior felony convictions in 2001, 2002 and 2011. His acquaintances stated they knew the man used weapons regularly as he went to a shooting range near his home to practice. Other individuals reported that the man had previously threatened the deceased man.

In some cases, authorities conduct searches without obtaining the needed documentation. A criminal defense attorney might be able to ensure that a search warrant was properly obtained prior to the seizure of evidence that could be used to convict them. If the evidence was not obtained legally, a judge might decide to dismiss the case.

Source: The Bismarck Tribune , "Henrikson makes first court appearance on weapons charge", Jenny Michael , January 21, 2014

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