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Washington man charged with drug possession

Selling, transporting and illegally importing illicit drugs and controlled substances may result in a serious criminal offense in Washington and throughout the United States. Readers should note that drug possession charges are different from drug distribution because the latter may lead to a more severe punishment.

Recently in Spokane Valley, Washington, a 46-year-old man was taken into custody for allegedly trying to sell methamphetamine. The arrest was made after an individual contacted the police and informed them that a man was allegedly trying to sell him illegal drugs. The complaint indicated the man was wearing a hat, jeans and a blue shirt. The police claim that they saw a man was walking in their direction that fit the said description. Authorities claimed that the man changed his direction and walked through a residential street before when he saw the deputies.

When the police approached the man, he stated he was just walking to a friend's house. Officers allege the accused man was behaving erratically and was subsequently placed under arrest. The police claim they found heroin, meth and a pocketknife in the man's pockets after searching him. The Washington man was charged with second-degree assault, resisting arrest and two counts of possession of controlled substance. He is currently booked in the county jail.

Criminal charges stemming from an alleged drug crime can have a huge effect on an individual's life. It can affect a person's job, future employment opportunities and financial aid. If the suspect is a student or a reputable member of the community, a mere drug possession charge may significantly affect their future. Drug charges can result in severe punishment and damage to the accused's reputation.

Under such circumstances, an aggressive defense may be the best offense against the prosecution. With the knowledge and insights of a legal professional, the defendant may be able to determine that the arrest, search or seizure violated their civil rights.

Source: KREM.com, "Deputies: Spokane Valley meth dealer loses job," June 4, 2014

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