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Defending against a wide range of federal charges

When Spokane residents hear the term "federal charges," they may envision a white-collar crime scenario or a multi-state drug trafficking operation. However, federal charges actually encompass a broad array of crimes. Fortunately, an experienced Washington criminal defense attorney can serve as a comprehensive resource for those accused of a federal crime.

While most criminal offenses are punishable under state law, there are a great many offenses at the federal level. Crimes such as kidnapping, computer fraud, forgery and online child pornography can involve federal charges with serious long-term consequences if there is a conviction. In addition, there are a multitude of federal drug charges that a defendant may face in addition to state-level charges. While Washington may have a reputation as being relatively lenient when it comes to drugs, there are still serious penalties for those convicted of state and federal drug crimes.

Federal charges don't have to become life-altering convictions in federal court. There are effective defenses available for the myriad federal crimes a Spokane resident may face. If a defendant secures an attorney skilled in federal charges early on, they may be more likely to successfully confront the charges with a potent defense. At Partovi Law P.S., a complimentary consultation can be the first step in defending against damaging federal allegations.

Unlike many other attorneys, defense lawyer David Partovi answers his own calls, demonstrating his commitment not only to existing clients but also to prospective clients. With over a decade of experience and 100 percent of his practice devoted to litigation, Partovi is well-equipped to represent defendants in both state and federal court. While choosing an attorney may initially seem like a challenge, going without an experienced criminal defense lawyer may spur far more challenges later on.

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