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Where do I turn after being charged with a drug crime?

Criminal charges are always a serious matter, but charges related to drug offenses can have particularly serious consequences. Criminal drug charges, however, don't have to become criminal drug convictions. A Spokane criminal defense attorney can be a critical ally in the fight against overzealous prosecution, questionable police conduct and faulty evidence-gathering.

What should someone do if they are charged with a drug crime in eastern Washington or Idaho? One of the key steps in fighting charges is securing a trusted defense attorney. Whether one is charged with drug possession, possession with intent to distribute or drug trafficking, the prosecution will generally have an easier time convicting if the defendant cannot successfully defend themselves. An experienced drug crimes attorney is extremely familiar with the prosecution's tactics as well as the defendant's rights under the law.

What many local defendants may not realize is that illegal search and seizures are not uncommon as a basis for drug-related arrests. As a result, some defendants' cases may be on very shaky ground, although they might not know it without the aid of a defense attorney. The attorneys at Partovi Law can review an arrest from start to finish and determine if police and investigators followed proper procedure. In addition, the team can present its own evidence if need be in order to present the comprehensive story of an incident.

Clients of Partovi Law benefit from its unique approach to presenting a defendant's case to a judge or jury. The team will highlight various aspects of a defendant's life story in order to show a thorough picture of an incident before the court. Personalized attention and a compassionate focus are hallmarks of representation through Partovi Law, and an initial consultation is offered at no cost to a defendant.

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