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Federal drug charges can intimidate, but help is available

Regardless of whether one lives in Washington, Idaho or any other state in the U.S., federal law is something that everyone must abide by. In Washington, where some marijuana use is legal, residents may still find themselves facing federal drug charges related to marijuana or narcotics. When this happens, a Spokane criminal defense attorney can provide invaluable representation in the midst of intimidating charges.

One of the reasons why federal charges can be so daunting is because the penalties for conviction on federal drug charges tend to be quite steep. However, just because someone is charged with a crime doesn't mean they have to spend the rest of their lives paying the price. With an experienced attorney by one's side, a defendant may be able to see charges dropped or dismissed. In addition, the skill of a competent federal crimes lawyer can ensure a plea deal is truly favorable to a defendant.

Facing federal court alone may seem to be expedient in the short-term, but there can be severe long-term consequences to not having assertive counsel and reliable legal advice. Without a lawyer, there may be few ways for a layperson to know his or her rights are being protected. Nowadays, there is no shortage of reports regarding police misconduct across the country. An attorney experienced in defending against federal charges can ensure a defendant's rights are neither ignored nor forgotten.

Spokane criminal defense attorney David Partovi has over a decade of experience defending against criminal charges, including federal crimes. He represents clients in both Washington and Idaho and is highly accessible, even answering his own calls. Prospective clients can attend a free consultation to learn more about the potential penalties for federal crimes and how to avoid them.

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