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Facing the future while also facing weapons charges

No matter which state a person lives in, he or she generally wants to avoid a criminal conviction at all costs if charged with a crime. However, not every defendant seeks out legal counsel; as a result, some local residents are left fending for themselves in the confusing arena of the criminal justice system. Since laws in both Washington mandate strict penalties for convictions on weapons charges, a defendant can be much better off enlisting an attorney.

For instance, a defendant could be convicted of a felony if a Spokane police officer mistakenly believed a weapon was used in an assault. With an assertive criminal defense attorney, the defendant's version of what happened can be shared fully, with the results being favorable to a defendant. Not all assault charges are created equal, though, and a skilled defense attorney can aid the accused by highlighting additional facts about an incident. Consequently, the defendant may see charges dropped or transformed into lesser charges, which can alter the trajectory of a person's life dramatically.

Obtaining help is as convenient as making an initial contact to Partovi Law, P.S. Attorney David Partovi does not charge for initial consultations, so someone accused of committing a crime related to weapons or assault has nothing to lose by finding out more. Especially if someone is facing felony-level charges, such as possession of a weapon during the commission of a felony or other felony gun charges, proactive representation is invaluable. At Partovi Law, keeping in touch with one's attorney is easy; clients never have to wonder about their own case.

For people charged with weapons discharge, other weapons crimes or assault, the future can seem wildly uncertain. Instead of guessing at what the future holds, it may be much more productive to form a plan and explore legal options with an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

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