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Confronting federal allegations with the full story

Those who are accused of certain crimes may assume they have little in the way of effective defenses against a conviction. After all, computers contain tons of data and law enforcement often has multiple agents working on gathering data and prosecuting offenders. Many computer crimes involve the pressing of federal charges. When this happens, a defendant may want to seek professional advice immediately.

Contrary to popular belief, there are a variety of defenses that can be used against federal charges in the area of computer crimes. As with other types of searches and seizures, police at all levels must follow specific procedures in order to protect the suspect's constitutional rights. If these rights are violated, a skilled defense attorney can scrutinize the legal situation and bring misconduct or unlawful police behavior to the attention of the judge. This could result in dismissed charges or a plea agreement that entails far fewer penalties than a conviction otherwise would.

At Partovi Law, an experienced Spokane criminal defense attorney can safeguard a defendant's constitutional rights. The criminal justice system is frequently bewildering for people accused of all types of crimes, but especially crimes considered heinous, such as exploiting children. Solid legal help can be essential in cases involving issues such as online child pornography, where a convicted offender may have to list themselves on the National Sex Offender Registry. The penalties can be extremely steep, even if it is a first offense for someone who has never had a run-in with the law before.

One key element of attorney David Partovi's practice is to show the entire situation, not just bits and pieces selected by zealous prosecutors. It can be extremely important that the defendant's side of the story is shared in or out of the courtroom with those who are making final decisions about that person's future. A free consultation with Partovi Law can get a defendant on the road to being more in charge of their own future, rather than at the mercy of those who don't know the full story.

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