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May 2016 Archives

Immediate Restraining Orders in Washington State

When family conflict escalates, it may result in accusations of domestic violence. Allegations of domestic violence are not taken lightly by Washington State authorities, as there are stiff penalties for those who are convicted on charges of domestic violence. In any event, some Spokane residents may find themselves in the situation of having a restraining order taken out against them.

Larceny and its status as a potential federal crime

When it comes to many offenses committed in Washington State, a person may be charged with a crime at either the state or federal level. For example, in some circumstances, larceny may be charged at the federal level. A person facing federal charges is often wise to seek out a criminal defense attorney experienced in defending against federal crimes.

What are a defendant's rights during a criminal trial?

In many instances, a person in Washington charged with a crime does not go to trial. He or she may reach a favorable plea negotiation, usually with the help of a criminal defense attorney, or the charges can be dropped. For some types of criminal charges, often drug charges, a diversion program may be available that results in an outcome beneficial to the individual and avoids a criminal conviction.