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Accusations of witness tampering for Idaho defendant

When a person is accused of a crime in Washington or Idaho, it can be a confusing and increasingly complicated ordeal. Sometimes a person is charged with a crime and then later additional charges are added or dropped. At times the defendant's relationship with witnesses can also complicate criminal charges and highlight the need for a skilled and thorough criminal defense.

One of the many types of criminal charges that can be added to a person's list of charges is witness tampering. Recently, a 27-year-old Idaho man was charged with just that after - according to police - he went through third parties to attempt to get his girlfriend to tell a different story. The Northern Idaho resident has already been charged with aggravated battery, kidnapping and attempting to strangle his girlfriend.

Authorities claim that, prior to a preliminary hearing, the defendant was on the phone trying to get others to influence the testimony the woman was to give or to get the woman to decline to testify. Ultimately, the man waived his right to that hearing and the case is now headed to trial at a district court. In an interview with a local Spokane television station, the man has denied the accusations against him.

It's not unusual for witness tampering or witness intimidation to be involved in a domestic violence case, but it can be an element in many different types of criminal cases. These are serious allegations, though, and a criminal conviction can have severe repercussions for a defendant's future. A skilled criminal defense attorney can evaluate new charges and incorporate them into an effective overall defense strategy for either trial or plea negotiations.

Source: KHQ, "Witness tampering added to N. Idaho man's charges," June 13, 2016

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