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September 2016 Archives

Housing and job struggles with a past criminal conviction

Discrimination comes in many forms, but some Washington State residents may not realize that discrimination can be against people who have a criminal record as well as against people of certain races, religions and sexual orientations. One of the many long-term consequences of having a criminal record is difficulty obtaining jobs and housing; a strong criminal defense may lessen the likelihood that a person has to experience this difficulty.

WSU football player may be charged with felony assault

When Spokane residents read or tune in to the local news, they may sometimes hear that a person has been arrested on federal charges. Even if a person is completely unfamiliar with the court system, he or she is likely to know that facing federal charges is a very serious matter. A criminal offense may be a violation of state law or it may violate federal law -- what types of crimes are considered federal offenses?

Understanding the benefits of a drug diversion program

There are few absolutes in life, but most people can agree that everyone makes mistakes. Some mistakes are minor and have little to no effect on one's life, but some are very serious and can change a person's life forever. In the state of Washington, getting charged with a drug crime can be a very serious situation that can involve one small misstep growing larger.

Taking the life of another during a felony in Washington

When many people think of the word "murder," they may instinctively think of a premeditated, calculated act that is carefully planned-out beforehand. However, in Washington State there are different degrees of murder depending on the circumstances of an offense and the degree of intent involved. Washington State also has what is known as a "felony murder rule" that, in essence, can bring extremely serious charges against someone who takes the life of another while committing certain other felonies.