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Understanding the benefits of a drug diversion program

There are few absolutes in life, but most people can agree that everyone makes mistakes. Some mistakes are minor and have little to no effect on one's life, but some are very serious and can change a person's life forever. In the state of Washington, getting charged with a drug crime can be a very serious situation that can involve one small misstep growing larger.

Even if a person is charged with a seemingly simple drug possession or possession of drug paraphernalia charge, there may be serious consequences to a conviction. For example, a young person who is caught with an illegal substance may have to face the prospect of time spent in jail, confusion regarding legal matters and a future with a criminal record. Having even a "minor" drug crime on one's record can dramatically impact one's ability to get a job, get into educational programs or even rent an apartment.

Fortunately, there is the opportunity for a drug diversion program for some who have been charged with drug offenses in Washington. A drug diversion program may allow an offender to avoid a conviction on drug-related charges; this means that when future background checks are performed on a person, that person does not have a conviction on their record thanks to their participation and successful completion of a drug diversion program.

A Spokane criminal defense attorney can be an invaluable starting point when it comes to understanding the benefits of a drug diversion program. Even if a defendant does not qualify due to past offenses, obtaining legal help from an experienced attorney can be enormously beneficial in both the short term and over time. Attorney David Partovi serves clients in both eastern Washington and Idaho, and can aid a defendant in a variety of drug-related legal situations. Facing drug charges can be daunting, but there may be more options available than one initially assumes. Partovi Law, P.S. offers a free introductory consultation and can quickly take action on a drug charge. For more information about our firm, or about drug cases in general, visit our website.

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