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October 2016 Archives

Can a person end up in federal court over marijuana?

Perhaps one of the most frequently asked questions about marijuana use in Washington - and in other states that have legalized recreational use of marijuana - concerns the impact of federal law on users. The use of marijuana is generally against federal law, even though Washington and a few other states have taken steps to legalize marijuana use. Is the federal government still cracking-down on those who use marijuana in states like ours? Are the feds even putting people in prison over federal anti-marijuana laws?

Alleged sale of methamphetamine leads to drug charges

Although the debate over the legality of certain drugs is an ongoing issue in Washington and across the country, there are other drugs that are taken very seriously when people are found to be taking part in their sale and use. Drugs like heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine are three that immediately come to mind. Those who are accused of selling or possessing these substances need to be aware that they can face serious consequences if they are placed under arrest on drug charges. After an arrest on drug offenses, it is imperative to have a strong legal defense planned.

Bond set at $1 million for Spokane Valley defendant

Last week, this blog discussed the topic of false allegations of domestic violence. At times, serious allegations may arise over incidents occurring between spouses or romantic partners. These accusations may be false or the defendant may need to share his or her side of the story regarding the incident.

Confronting false allegations of domestic violence

You've just been accused of a violent crime that you did not commit. Even worse, the accusation comes from a loved one. What can a person do in this situation? These types of extreme family or relationship disputes are not easy to resolve. However, there are legal solutions available to those who have been falsely accused of domestic violence in Washington or Idaho.