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Alleged sale of methamphetamine leads to drug charges

Although the debate over the legality of certain drugs is an ongoing issue in Washington and across the country, there are other drugs that are taken very seriously when people are found to be taking part in their sale and use. Drugs like heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine are three that immediately come to mind. Those who are accused of selling or possessing these substances need to be aware that they can face serious consequences if they are placed under arrest on drug charges. After an arrest on drug offenses, it is imperative to have a strong legal defense planned.

Three men were placed under arrest after it was alleged that they sold methamphetamine to undercover law enforcement officers. The men were charged with conspiracy for drug distribution. The investigation was conducted by the Drug Enforcement Agency and it started in January after one of the men was alleged to have been a drug trafficker in the area. One of the three men is said to have sold large amounts of methamphetamine and marijuana to the officers twice in 2016. One of the deals was said to have been worth nearly $38,000.

The penalties that a person can face for drug offenses can be substantial. Depending on the situation and the amount of drugs that are found, the charges can range from relatively minor to severe. When arrested on charges related to drugs, it can be a worrisome circumstance on a personal and professional level. Along with the potential for incarceration, there can be job loss, financial problems and more.

In this case, three men were the target of a federal investigation surrounding the sale of methamphetamine. The mere mentioning of the word "methamphetamine" and a drug arrest carries with it a stigma of negativity. But, the person charged has rights. There could be a reasonable explanation or extenuating circumstances.

Source: myfoxspokane.com, "3 men face federal charges for selling meth," Nichole Mischke, Oct. 4, 2016

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