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Bond set at $1 million for Spokane Valley defendant

Last week, this blog discussed the topic of false allegations of domestic violence. At times, serious allegations may arise over incidents occurring between spouses or romantic partners. These accusations may be false or the defendant may need to share his or her side of the story regarding the incident.

Crimes related to domestic violence can range from assault charges to homicide and other crimes such as threatening and stalking. In some instances, these incidents are due to familial conflict that has gotten out of hand, and one or both parties behave vindictively toward one another. In the worst of situations, an accusation of a damaging act of violence will require an extremely thorough criminal defense.

One Spokane Valley defendant may be in need of an assertive defense after an incident that occurred between him and his wife of eight years. The altercation apparently involved the 60-year-old man believing his wife had been mocking him and not doing her fair share of work in their business; as a result, he reportedly cut out her tongue and beat her severely. Despite having a language barrier, the man called 911. Police were called to the couple's home and now the husband has been charged with attempted murder.

The man's bail has been set at $1 million, indicating the severity of the situation. According to a victim advocate who has been in contact with the alleged victim's family, the family would have to take protective measures if the man were to be released.

Nobody condones domestic violence, or the kinds of horrific assault that is alleged against the defendant in this case. However, in domestic violence situations, there is often much controversy surrounding who said and did what, and how the event may have escalated into resulting criminal charges. An experienced criminal defense attorney can aid a defendant facing these most serious of charges and can advise regarding plea negotiations, criminal trials and avoiding harsh penalties.

Source: KREM 2, "Man charged with attempted murder for cutting out wife's 'devil tongue,'" Oct. 6, 2016

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