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Confronting false allegations of domestic violence

You've just been accused of a violent crime that you did not commit. Even worse, the accusation comes from a loved one. What can a person do in this situation? These types of extreme family or relationship disputes are not easy to resolve. However, there are legal solutions available to those who have been falsely accused of domestic violence in Washington or Idaho.

One of the most proactive ways to deal with charges of domestic violence is to obtain an experienced attorney's help immediately. Time is of the essence in all legal matters but especially when someone has been accused of causing harm to another. Consulting with a domestic violence defense attorney is usually a wiser options that consulting with others such as well-meaning friends or family members who are not attorneys and are not qualified to offer legal advice or strategies for an effective defense.

Local Spokane attorney David Partovi has been defending clients against a variety of accusations for years. The firm's website has more information about Partovi and how he goes about representing clients who are facing criminal charges. When it comes to domestic violence, Partovi is familiar with tactics used by the prosecution as well as the particular nuances of criminal law as it intersects with families and relationships. Partovi will ensure that the entire story is told and the totality of the circumstances are considered by the court.

The consequences of a conviction based on a false allegation of domestic violence are severe. From a damaged reputation to a criminal record, these repercussions can be highly damaging. Contacting a Spokane criminal defense attorney may help a defendant resolve their legal situation and emerge with their rights intact.

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