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December 2016 Archives

Anticipatory offense charges could be part of a plea negotiation

When a person has been charged with a crime, his or her defense attorney may explain the possibility of entering into a plea negotiation instead of a criminal trial. During a plea negotiation, one potential outcome is that the defendant will plead guilty, but to a lesser charge with less-severe penalties than the initial charge. At times this lesser charge will involve the following terms: attempt, solicitation and conspiracy. What do these terms mean in the Washington State criminal justice system?

Accused of kidnapping? It may be a federal crime

What most people in Spokane know about the crime of kidnapping probably comes from television and the movies. Fortunately, stranger abductions of children are not common, nor are random abductions of adults. However, the crime of kidnapping does encompass a wide variety of actions, many of which can lead to a person being faced with federal charges.

Washington woman faces second-degree murder charge

Getting arrested is usually a frightening and intimidating experience for anyone. In Spokane, a person facing formal accusations of homicide can face a litany of intimidating factors, from the thought of a lengthy and complex trial to potential police misconduct and more. Regardless of the type of criminal charge, though, a Spokane criminal defense attorney can offer invaluable strategy and advice.

How do courts decide a no-contact order should be modified?

Decision-making is not always a swift and easy process. However, many times important decisions need to be made on the spur of the moment. Sometimes, these decisions may later be reviewed and changed. When it comes to interpersonal relationships, this can be especially true. When family or intimate relationships in Spokane become exceptionally strained they may reaching a breaking point and charges of spousal abuse can result. The decisions made during this time can have very serious repercussions for all parties involved.