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How an attorney can help after an arrest on drug offenses

In today's job market, it often seems stable employment is tough to find. Many fields have been hit hard by the economy and fewer open positions are available. For job-seekers in Spokane, it's more important than ever to ensure one has the right background for the job.

However, if one has been charged with a drug crime in the past, certain jobs may be out of reach. This is because many employers will reject an applicant based on his or her criminal record, even if it only contains non-violent drug offenses. How can Spokane residents avoid this situation? If one has recently been arrested for a drug crime, it can be extremely helpful to contact an attorney.

Local criminal defense attorney David Partovi has been fighting for the rights of his clients for a decade, working hard to either secure an acquittal, reduce charges or obtain a favorable drug diversion program for his defendants. Without an attorney, a defendant is left to navigate the confusing criminal justice system on their own. With an experienced lawyer on their side, drug crime defendants can ensure the entire story gets told and their rights are protected during the process.

Attorney David Partovi will take the time to listen to clients' concerns while also keeping meetings focused on obtaining a fair outcome for the client. In addition, Partovi Law leverages the benefits of up-to-date technology so that clients can stay in touch when it is convenient for them. For those facing drug charges, going it alone can be a daunting task. Fortunately, experienced and assertive legal help is available.

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