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Restoring Washington residents' gun rights after weapons charges

Being convicted of a crime is a difficult experience for anyone in Washington or Idaho. Moving forward with one's life can be even more difficult, as a criminal record can prohibit a person from obtaining certain types of employment and even living in certain areas. For people who have been convicted of a felony, all of the above can be extremely challenging as one tries to move on in a positive manner. A Spokane criminal defense attorney experienced in weapons charges can be of assistance.

One of the areas in which many people want to move on in their lives is restoration of gun rights. In Washington, being convicted of certain types of crimes means that a person may lose their right to legally own a firearm. This area of the law is far from simple, though, and an experienced attorney can offer legal advice and explain the statutes that dictate who can and cannot legally own a firearm in Washington State.

In general, though, owning a firearm is important for many local residents, either for protection of oneself and one's family, or for hunting in the Northwest's many forested areas. In any event, restoration of gun rights can be legally complicated and not easy to figure out on one's own. It can pay to have an experienced lawyer at one's side to understand the process and apply correctly for rights restoration.

Who may need to speak with a lawyer about gun rights restoration? Many different local residents could fall under this category. This who have been charged with illegal weapons discharge, various felony gun charges, certain types of robbery and assault -- and many more. What they all have in common is that in order to stay on the right side of the law regarding guns in the future, they can benefit from gun rights restoration.

Experienced criminal defense attorney David Partovi has been over 10 years of legal experience and is ready to help those who need their right to own a firearm restored. For those in need of rights restoration, it can be extremely helpful to contact an attorney experienced in defending against weapons charges.

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