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Woman faces vehicular homicide charge after Spokane crash

In Washington State, winters can range from relatively mild to extremely harsh. Most of the time, though, this time of year drivers are not accustomed to numerous bicyclists sharing the roads. Spokane's climate means cyclists tend to stay off the roads during the winter months. Still, both drivers and cyclists must follow the rules of the road or else face serious consequences.

Over the New Year's holiday, a woman from Mead reportedly struck a bicyclist with her vehicle. Now, that driver is facing a criminal charge: vehicular homicide. The incident occurred around 4:00 in the morning on New Year's Day, as the driver was traveling down Highway 2 near Flint Road. A bicyclist was stopped in front of the driver's car at an intersection, but media reports indicate the driver did not see the bicycle and ran into it. Tragically, the cyclist died as a result of the crash.

Police allegedly found illegal drugs inside the vehicle, which contained several occupants at the time of collision. One of the passengers in the vehicle faces charges of intent to deliver with regard to illegal drugs. Interestingly, the cyclist had previously been arrested for possession of a controlled substance.

While fatal wrecks in Spokane decreased by 14 percent last year, many drivers, such as the one in the New Year's incident, find themselves facing a potential felony charge after an accident. During times like these, it can pay to have an experienced criminal defense attorney who knows the ins and outs of the local criminal justice system. One bad decision or a police mistake shouldn't have to take a legal situation from bad to worse. To help one's chances in avoiding a damaging criminal conviction, it may make the most sense to get legal help right away.

Source: KXLY.com, "Woman facing vehicular homicide charges for New Year's crash," Jeff Humphrey, Jan. 2, 2017

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