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February 2017 Archives

Don't navigate criminal charges alone

Being accused of a crime is a very serious situation. The experience can be wrought with uncertainty and fear, but there is no reason that anyone needs to navigate the process alone. Having a criminal defense ally who will fight for your rights is crucial given how much is at stake, because being charged with a crime can severely damage your reputation, relationships, employment prospects and more.

Facing accusations of exploiting children in Washington

In Washington State, people may be aware of the difference between state law and federal law due to the difference between the two regarding certain substances. Marijuana was legalized at the state level in Washington, but this substance is still illegal at the federal level. As a result, a resident of Spokane could be facing federal charges for marijuana-related offenses despite the substance being legal -- to a certain extent -- per state law.

In criminal defense, what is an 'affirmative' defense?

Facing criminal charges is a very serious situation and one that can quickly snowball out of control. A resident of Spokane could suddenly find himself or herself in dire need of a criminal defense. After speaking with a qualified criminal defense attorney, the defendant is likely to feel more at ease and begin understanding the processes of the criminal justice system.