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Facing accusations of exploiting children in Washington

In Washington State, people may be aware of the difference between state law and federal law due to the difference between the two regarding certain substances. Marijuana was legalized at the state level in Washington, but this substance is still illegal at the federal level. As a result, a resident of Spokane could be facing federal charges for marijuana-related offenses despite the substance being legal -- to a certain extent -- per state law.

Another area in which people may find themselves facing federal charges is the area of computer usage. Certain activities are harshly condemned by federal prosecution, such as the exploitation of children, and a person facing these types of allegations may be in need of a federal criminal defense attorney. The criminal justice system can be extremely overwhelming, especially for those facing accusations for the first time. A skilled defense attorney can serve as a formidable ally during this confusing time.

Spokane attorney David Partovi is licensed to practice law in both Washington and Idaho. Having represented numerous clients accused of computer crimes, Mr. Partovi is prepared to fight for his clients' interests at every stage of the process. From the moment a person is arrested, accusations of exploiting children can be severely harmful, regardless of what really happened. Mr. Partovi is able to share the defendant's side of the story and bring all of the facts to light during trial or negotiations.

Understandably, a person accused of computer-related sex crimes may fear being placed on the National Sex Offender Registry. At Partovi Law, a client can receive a thorough explanation of the registry in a compassionate atmosphere that focuses on maintaining clients' rights.

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