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Helping you assert a defense against drug charges

When it comes to drug crimes, the state and federal government do not often go lightly on those convicted on a drug charge. This is especially true if the accused committed a serious drug crime or has a criminal history. Therefore, residents in Washington facing allegations of drug crimes should be aware of the severe penalties they could face. Even more so, defendants should take the time to understand what criminal defense options are available.

Whether it is a drug possession, distribution, manufacturing or any other drug charge, it can be difficult to navigate the defense route on your own. Defendants are likely focused on just dismissing the charges or reducing the penalties they could face rather what steps or processes are required to from one point to the other. Because our experienced legal team understands how paramount it is to initiate a timely defense, Partovi Law, P.S., is devoted to defending the rights of our clients.

An effective defense relies on the facts of the case at hand. That is why our attorneys look at each individual client's case, understanding the details of the situation and the overall goals of the client. With all that information in mind, we can take the step to suppress evidence, assert an affirmative defense or even initiate a plea bargain.

Depending on the charges a defendant faces, he or she might be facing extremely harsh penalties. Thus, it is important to consider all defense strategies available. Moreover, it is imperative that a defendant takes defensive steps that will meet his or her needs, protecting their interests. In some cases, that might mean taking a plea for a lesser charge.

To learn more, check out our law firm's drug charge website. There is no single way to fight an allegation of a drug crime; however, defendants should take the time to develop the strongest defense possible. This often means having a knowledgeable, skilled and compassionate criminal defense attorney on your side.

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