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Our firm has defended those accused of crimes for a decade

Facing any type of criminal allegation can be stressful, and for good reason. Aggressive prosecutors often try to impose the harshest penalties on offenders and work hard to uncover evidence that will strengthen their case. When an individual is accused of embezzlement, they may be confronted with complex financial documents as well as testimony from individuals who may draw the defendant's innocence into question. Under these circumstances, an accused individual may want to consider seeking legal counsel.

The legal team at Partovi Law PS is dedicated to telling our clients' stories. Far too often, when individuals are accused of a crime, their individual identity is reduced to the crime for which they have been charged. This is wholly unfair. Yet, prosecutors will exploit this reality to their advantage, drawing a judge and jury to see things from their point of view. This is why we ensure that our clients' defense strategies tell their story. We want the judge and jury to see our clients as the people they are and the very real threat to their everyday lives that is being imposed by the charges being alleged.

Of course, one's story needs to be compelling, as well as disputing the allegations made by the prosecution. This is why we not only work diligently to find evidence that can buttress our position but also utilize the law to damage or suppress evidence and testimony put forth by the prosecution. We find and use expert witnesses where necessary, which, in the case of complex financial cases, may be common.

With more than a decade of experience defending Washington residents accused of criminal offenses, our firm is dedicated to giving each case the individualized attention it deserves. Only then can a proper criminal defense be crafted. So, whether you are looking to negotiate a plea bargain for reduced penalties, or you want to fully fight the charges you are facing, you may want to consider seeking assistance from a legal professional who will put your interests first.

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