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Man arrested on drug and domestic assault charges

For many people who are charged with criminal allegations in Spokane, it is not necessarily one individual crime that has resulted in the arrest and charges, but several stacked up. Individually, criminal charges can cause a litany of problems. In combination, it can be substantially worse. If, for example, a person is arrested on drug charges and this occurred simultaneous to an assault and weapons investigation, he or she will need to make certain they have a lawyer who can provide a comprehensive defense for all they are facing.

A man was arrested on numerous drug and domestic assault charges after law enforcement was called to investigate a disturbance. The incident occurred at around 12:30 a.m. as a 48-year-old man allegedly had an altercation with a woman he had once dated. The individual who reported this to the police said that one of the people had a weapon. It was unclear at the time whether it was a gun or knife. When law enforcement arrived, the man fled on foot. He ran through the apartment complex where this took place and went to the third floor.

On the third floor, the man is said to have tried to enter an apartment by force. He was caught by police and arrested. As they investigated the series of incidents, the officers found a loaded handgun, $7,000 in cash, a bag with methamphetamine and heroin, legal prescription drugs, and a scale that is often used to weigh drugs. The man has a long criminal history. He was charged for the gun, the drugs and for domestic assault.

While these charges appear to be serious and the felony allegations could lead to an extended jail sentence for the man if he is convicted, that does not mean he is automatically guilty. Nor does it mean that he does not deserve a strong defense and an acquittal if the situation warrants it. Having an attorney experienced with helping clients with a vast number of charges is essential to any criminal case no matter the circumstances. Before doing anything else, the man must make sure to have a qualified legal professional with a history of working with people charged with this level of crimes.

Source: khq.com, "Police: Fight call ends in arrest for multiple drug charges," Matt Pusatory, May 21, 2017

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