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Spokane firm defending against domestic violence claims

Domestic disputes can arise over the smallest things. Of course, arguments over alleged infidelity can become heated, but so too can seemingly innocuous spats between family members regarding things as simple as what to watch on television. Regardless of the surrounding circumstances, when these disputes turn physical, people can end up getting hurt and allegations of domestic violence may be raised. Those who are accused of being the perpetrator of such violence may be in for the fight of their life.

Why? Because aggressive prosecutors in Spokane and the surrounding area work hard to build up the victims' credibility in these cases and uncover evidence that shows a pattern of violent behavior on the part of the defendant. Although your history may play a factor in such a case, it shouldn't be the deciding factor. After all, if you are accused of a crime, then you are innocent until proven guilty. Yet, you might have to put up a zealous fight to maintain that innocence.

That is why at Partovi Law PS we do everything within our power to defend our clients. We try to damage the credibility of the prosecution's witnesses, minimize what would otherwise be damaging evidence, and present legal arguments that convincingly portray our clients' side of the story. We know how to use case law and statutory interpretation to our clients' advantage, and we prepare every case with the rules of evidence in mind, looking for ways to bolster our clients' claims and weaken the prosecution's.

Of course, no attorney can guarantee any particular outcome in a case. But, what we can promise is to give every case that we take on the individual attention it deserves. Our custom-tailored defenses have proven successful for many individuals accused of domestic violence, allowing them to avoid harsh penalties like jail, fines, and damage to their reputation. Those who want to learn more about our firm should feel free to peruse our website.

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