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Spokane man facing drug charges after search incident to arrest

A significant number of drug arrests come after the police engage an individual for another, minor issue. For example, a driver who fails to signal when turning may find their car searched, leading to the discovery of illegal narcotics. The same holds true when the police search an individual as part of an arrest for another criminal offense. In these instances, defendants slapped with drug charges need to know their legal rights so that they can mount the strongest criminal defense possible given the circumstances.

One Spokane man may need to do that now after being arrested on multiple drug charges. According to police, the arrest came after they responded to a domestic dispute between the man and his girlfriend. Law enforcement stated that the man took off once they arrived on the scene, running through his apartment and up to the third floor of the apartment complex where the incident occurred. Once the police captured the man, they searched him as part of an arrest for domestic violence assault.

That search led to the discovery of a number of incriminating items. Allegedly amongst those items was $7,000 in cash, as well as heroin, morphine, and methamphetamine. The police also claim that the man had a scale, a loaded handgun, and a number of prescription drugs. He is now facing several felony charges.

Instances like this can seem daunting to overcome, but, the truth of the matter is that, depending on the circumstances, there may be a number of criminal defense options available. Sure, one may be able to negotiate a plea deal, but, if there are evidentiary issues, such as an illegal search and seizure or chain of custody problems, then it may be worth taking the matter to trial. Those who want to learn more about their options should think about discussing the matter with a criminal defense attorney.

Source: KHQ, "Police: Fight call ends in arrest for multiple drug charges," Matt Pusatory, May 21, 2017

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